Public Workshops & Programme

Sceptre provides Skills Enhancement and Therapeutic (SET) group sessions, workshops and support programme for all age groups. These group sessions will help you to learn practical knowledge in dealing with your unique life situations and develop suitable skills to manage your life effectively.

These workshops are usually conducted in our centre, however, we can also provide in-house programme for organisations / institutions and schools.

Hosting a session at your home

Hosting a workshop at your home for relatives, friends and associates has proven to be a very effective and popular. Consider getting together as a group in the comfort of your own home and host a workshop on effective parenting, work-life balance, anger management, Emotional Intelligence and personal development. You can organise enlightening sessions at which our essential skills coaches can address your specific areas of concerns.

Evening Workshops

These workshops are conducted between 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm to suit the working classes schedule. We have a wide range of programme which ranges from 5-day to 12-day evening sessions to develop essential  skills both personal and professional.

You can enroll for any selected courses from the course list given in the training and coaching session. You can also get tailor-made programme to suit your areas for development.

Total Personality Development (popular workshop)

  1. Understanding Personality: determinants of personality, behaviour and attitude, self-awareness and self-management for better living
  2. Perception: understanding perception, why I behave in a particular way, addressing perception and attitude
  3. Interpersonal & Communication: importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, body language, factors influencing interpersonal relations, communicating effectively
  4. Be a successful person: Goal setting and planning, setting priorities and managing time, stress management
  5. Projecting a positive self-image: Positive thinking, right dress sense, how to stand out in the crowd

Seminars and Media Programme

We conduct various public workshops and seminars to educate the public in various areas of personal and professional life. We also provide television and radio programme on various mental health areas.

➢   Awareness Workshops

➢   Seminars and Talk shows

➢   TV shows and Radio talks

Learning and Development Forums

Sceptre has initiated forums for learning and development. Members can regularly meet discuss, share ideas and learn from each other.  These forums will have personal skills enlightening and demonstrating workshops where everybody contributes in a unique manner. It is a fun-filled enlightening programme lead by competent professionals.