About Us


Sceptre has established its mind fitness and essential skills coaching centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the

year 2010 under the directives of Community Development Authority (CDA) and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Sceptre has proven its credibility by living up to its purpose; supporting individuals to identify their infinite potential and develop them fully to lead a purposeful & content life. We aspire to facilitate the development of emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and psychological well-being of people.

About The Director


Susan Koruthu is the founding owner of Sceptre Life Skills & Mind Fitness Centre.

She has over 20 years of progressive experience in the multinational corporate world and extensive experience in organisational development, professional development training and leadership grooming.

Susan is a licensed practitioner under CDA & KHDA Dubai and an approved guide under CDA. She posses qualification in various fields: MSc in applied psychology in Industrial/Organisational Behaviour & Counselling, MSW, MBA in Strategic and Leadership Management and PhD Research Scholar.  She holds diploma in Drug & Alcoholic counselling therapy, trained in Yoga, Pranic Healing, Transactional Analysis and Hypnotherapy

She has over 18 years of progressing experience in:

Family/marriage counseling & mediation, Marriage guidance & preparation, Couple counselling & grooming, Child and student development programme, Teens development programme, Career guidance & counselling, Behaviour modification programme, Mind fitness & essential skills coaching, Fertility counselling and guidance.

She is a  TV and radio personality on life skills and mind fitness:

♦ Conducting a weekly live show ‘Dr.Manashasthriin in NTV Dubai (Channel 804 in E-vision)

♦ Expert guest in smart parents show in Media One Gulf

♦ Expert guest in Radio Asia, Asianet Radio, Gold FM and Radio Me

♦ Published papers in national & international journals and articles in various magazines

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About Our Team :

We have a team of professionals managing the entire operations in Dubai as well as other emirates. We only engage properly qualified / licenced professionals to deal with our esteemed clients.

Our team of professionals comprises academic / learning specialists, psychologists, social workers and other support staff. Our staff are specially trained to deliver quality services to all our clients.

We also engage ad-hoc professionals such as trainers, speech therapists, clinical psychologists, psychometricians and psychiatrists who are experts in their specific areas to assist in delivering an effective service in accordance with the unique requirements of our clients.

Our staff are known for their empathetic and professional approach which generates comfort and confidence in our clients.

Licenses : dubai-gov

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  • Social, Psychological & Family Consultancy
  • Social Counseling
  • Family Counseling And Awareness Services
  • Psychological And Behavioural Therapy
  • Learning Difficulties Service


  • Professional & Management Development Training
  • Child Skills Development Training
  • Child Skills Development Centre
  • Educator's Professional Training
  • Social And Behavioural Training
  • Management Training